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Blockchain eCommerce Solutions & Technology


Update June 2019

BEST have completed their seed funding as of June 2019! BEST are now in the process of closing their Series A funding.


BEST is raising money to continue its growth of crypto-adoption into the mainstream.

If you are, or know of, a verified high-net worth investor who is interested in this space, then we are looking to have preliminary conversations on or before 19th August 2019 is part of 'Blockchain eCommerce Solutions & Technology' (aka: BEST).


BEST has been established as a for-profit company to build solutions that help consumers and businesses use crypto currency in everyday situations. BEST is underpinned by the MonetaryUnit (MUE) blockchain, and already powers 5 commercial brands, including

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This document provides a brief company overview. This is not intended to be an investment prospectus, but to provide information to HNW individuals who would like to chat further. 

Interested? investment [at]


Referral Bonus

If you are able to directly introduce (in writing) a verified HNW individual who is not previously known to MonetaryUnit or BEST, and they complete an investment into BEST (or related entity) before end of September 2019, you will be eligible for a 5% referral bonus. T&Cs apply. 

Did you know? Almost 10% of all purchases made on are now attempted with a digital currency.