Setup Staking

This page assumes you understand the process and reasons behind Staking. If you do not, please first read our short guide here

Before we begin...

What you need

In order to stake you need:


  • A desktop computer that is connected to the internet and always turned on. 

  • A  MUE desktop wallet installed (see below). 

Alternative: If you do not want to have your computer running 24/7, or you don't have technical know-how, it is now possible to buy a palm-size device which plugs directly into your router and does not require configuration. Read more about this below

Desktop Wallet

You will need one of the following wallets installed on your system:




Install Documentation

Set Up

The easiest way to understand how to setup your desktop wallet for Staking is to watch a short video. In addition we have created 2 longer videos to give you some further background into staking:  


You're not alone! We have an active community to help you out. Why not join our Discord chat?

Alternative Methods

Instead of using a desktop computer, there are two alternatives which may be of Interest to you:

1. Raspberry Pi (Setup Required)

A Raspberry Pi is a palm-sized, mini-computer. It's very simple, uses low power, and does the job!  

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Software & Guide

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2. MUE Stakebox (No Setup Required)

A MUE stakebox is a pre-installed Raspberry Pi which is configured 'out of the box' and ready for you to Stake your MUE. It's a fraction more expensive than a Raspberry Pi, but all the hard-work has been done for you. It's perfect for someone with no time for setup or no technical know-how.

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