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Earn Interest on your MUE

The MonetaryUnit currency is secured on a decentralised network. If you connect certain wallets to this network you help secure it, and in return you are rewarded with MUE (similar to interest). There are currently three ways to earn interest on your MUE:



MN Shares

A FULL MasterNode requires 500,000 MUE. allows you to be part of a MasterNode by having a 1/50th share for each 10,000 MUE you deposit. 

A MasterNode is a special wallet with exactly 500,000 MUE inside. 

Those who own MasterNodes help secure the network. In return they are rewarded with MUE, and network votes.


Anyone can set up a wallet to Stake on the network (exlcudes Mobile Wallets).

There is no min/max amount of MUE you must stake. Doing so helps secure the network, and rewards you in MUE.


Tools & Explorer

These online tools allow you to explore the 'ins and outs' of the MonetaryUnit network.

ROI Calculator

MUE Stats

Masternodes Online


Use this calculator to estimate your monthly income earned through Staking / Masternodes

Track MUE blocks, payouts, prices, payments and more in real-time across the MUE network.

Masternodes participate in MonetaryUnit governance, and earn interest. See an overview of online MNs.

See a quick snapshot of key data relating to the MonetaryUnit network.  

Explore the movement of blocks, the MUE network and markets in one handy page.

MUE Explorer

MUE's listing on Coin Market Cap -  tracks price, available supply, trade volume.

Coin Market Cap


Explore the movement of blocks, the MUE network and markets from CryptoID

Purchase promotional cold storage wallets in the MUE brand and other digital currencies. 


3rd Party Exchanges

Online exchanges allow you to trade MUE with other owners, and swap digital currencies between each other. 



Did you know?


MonetaryUnit also run their own exchanges where you can buy MUE with a credit/debit card - go here



MonetaryUnit is a decentralized, self-sustaining and self-governed project. Anyone can join the community and develop projects. It is possible to submit budget proposals to help fund your MUE-based projects.

Github: /MUEcoin
Discord: @mue







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MUE is money, evolved.

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