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MonetaryUnit is a digital currency. 

For short, it's known as MUE.

Using your mobile phone you can receive MUE quickly, easily and safely.

You can then use MUE to buy millions of items (like toys, coffee machines or laptops), or pay bills and services... all for less than if you paid in traditional currency (like £/$).

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** Headline sponsors of CoinFestUK 2020 **

We are proud to announce that  in 2020 MonetaryUnit will once again be the headline sponsors of CoinFestUK. Over 1,000 digital currency enthusiasts expected to attend. Here's a few snaps from 2019:

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If you use MonetaryUnit to buy the things you want, you will save money. No technical knowledge necessary, just find the item you want and pay for it. 


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MonetaryUnit is built on top of the original Bitcoin blockchain, with additional POS (Proof Of Stake) & MasterNodes. Inflation is just 3% per year.


40 new MUE is minted every 40 seconds, and will be for the next 130 years.10% of all MUE generated by the blockchain is reserved for the benefit of the project ecosystem. Go Advanced.



At just 3% per year. Enables the use and distribution of MUE on a sustainable trajectory


MUE is built to benefit everyone, partnering and acquiring services to benefit the ecosystem


A payment can be instantly received and confirmed by the recipient via the 'Instantsend' function.


Masternode infrastructure ensures stability within the community and constant maintenance.


A friendly community and helpful team works daily to support you no matter your level. 


10% of all MUE generated by the blockchain is reserved for the benefit of the project ecosystem.

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Masternodes are servers containing 500K MUE. They provide a pivotal role in securing the network and are allowed to vote on project budgets.


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Circulating Supply


Every 40 seconds, 40 MUE are digitally minted. They are automatically rewarded to MasterNodes & those staking (thus securing) the network

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Conversion Rates

  £1 = 268.23  MUE

$1 = 204.56 MUE

 €1 = 255.63 MUE


MUE is money, evolved.

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